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The need for change in our midlife

It seems that more and more people seek a midlife coach when they reach their midlife, some of them with an urgent need to bring a change in their life at that time, and this is where a midlife coach can be of great help.

But why do we feel this need to reinvent ourselves when we hit our 40s, 50s and 60s? Yes, some of us may not be happy with our jobs, but this isn’t always the case: I’ve been a teacher for years and still practice part-time only because I like my job! I feel privileged that I’ve managed to combine this with life coaching and fitness, which have both been lifelong passions!

For some people, this midlife transition is easy, and for others, it’s more of a struggle. For example, you may acknowledge that now it’s the time for a change because your kids are all grown up and don’t need your care anymore. Or you might not have children, but for you, it’s just a matter of having more free time to take up a new hobby, being financially independent. Or maybe the opposite is true for you: you want to make this transition because you WANT to have more free time and more money!

Do you see a pattern here? No, right? There are different reasons that lead people to make a shift as they approach their forties. There is, however, one thing that all have in common: the spark. We each have our own inner flame that was lit at some point in the past, but it is just waiting for the opportunity to fully ignite.

Calling a midlife coach…

It’s as if many of us have been in a trance or deep sleep, and reaching mid-life is like a sudden wake-up call. And indeed, they might be calling it mid-life, but isn’t that quite a pessimistic description? Why is it called midlife when most people view this period as one of transformation or even rebirth? 

It is precisely this kind of assistance that a life coach can provide for you (even from the comfort of your home). Find your passion, the spark in you, and collaborate with you to turn it into action. Though I may use the word collaboration, the coach will only hold the torch for you so you can light the way — in reality, you are going to do the work.

I suggest we call it the time of change, the time when you, yourself, unlock your potential and take advantage of it.

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