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How a Life Purpose Coach Can Help You

Are you searching for more meaning and fulfillment? Wanting to live out your true passions? You may benefit from working with a life purpose coach.

As a certified life coach for over 10 years, I’ve guided hundreds of clients to discover their calling and transform their lives in incredible ways.

This blog shares what exactly a life purpose coach does, the many benefits you can expect, details of my proven coaching program, inspiring success stories, and answers common questions.

I hope it convinces you to take the first step towards the vibrant, purpose-driven life you deserve!

What is a Life Purpose Coach?

A life coach supports you through a journey of self-exploration until you unpack what really makes you come alive. I ask thoughtful questions, actively listen without judgement, and use research-backed frameworks tailored to help you:

  • Gain clarity around your core passions, values, innate talents and acquired skills
  • Envision possibilities for fulfilling careers and lifestyles
  • Break through self-limiting beliefs and fears holding you back
  • Set meaningful goals and create a plan to achieve them
  • Have the motivation, tools and support to carry out lasting change

My clients describe breakthrough moments, emotional releases, feeling seen in new empowering ways. Together we co-create your unique roadmap so you can confidently pursue a purposeful, vibrant life on your own terms.

Why Work With a Life Coach?

Finding and living out your life purpose increases overall happiness and life satisfaction. Who you become is far more important than what you achieve externally.

Living authentically also boosts motivation, strengthens relationships, improves health, and gives you a sense of meaning.

Instead of sleepwalking through the same routine, you’ll wake up energized by using your talents towards making a positive difference.

I see my clients transform feeling stuck in jobs they merely tolerate into thriving in careers they love, whether through promotions, pivots or launching passion projects on the side.

Marriages improve, anxiety fades away, health conditions clear up, bucket list dreams actually get chased.

That’s the power of getting back in touch with YOU!

My Step-By-Step Coaching Program

My 10-12 week life purpose coaching program follows a structured framework with targeted outcomes each step of the way:

My Step-By-Step Coaching Program

My 10-12 week life purpose coaching program follows a proprietary framework with targeted outcomes each step of the way.

While the details remain confidential to protect my intellectual property, the journey typically involves:

Step 1: Discovering Your Origins

We unpack experiences, relationships and pivotal moments that shaped your perspectives over time. This builds self-awareness around enduring motivations.

Step 2: Clarifying Your Values

Now we reveal which principles drive major decisions and when you feel most vibrant to define your core values. This is like a moral compass guiding you.

Step 3: Recognizing Your Talents

Next, we inventory natural talents and developed skills then analyze peak career experiences to identify ideal roles for you.

Step 4: Overcoming Inner Barriers

We investigate fears, assumptions or self-limiting patterns that may unconsciously hold you back from actualizing your potential.

Step 5: Envisioning Your Best Life

Here we expand your sense of possibility by detailing hypothetical “best life” scenarios that leverage your strengths towards what inspires you.

Step 6: Committing to Inspired Goals

Equipped with expanded self-knowledge and vision, we co-create goals intrinsically compelling to you and aligned to your values.

Step 7: Building Your Action Plan

Finally, we make a step-by-step plan for achieving your big goals, anticipating challenges and specifying how you will address them.

I remain by your side providing structure, accountability and support in executing your plan!

Success Story Scenarios

The stories here are hypothetical composites to protect former clients’ privacy. But they represent the profound yet common transformations I’m privileged to facilitate regularly.

While identities and some details are changed, these narratives symbolize the core breakthroughs real clients described in our sessions together. The deep fulfillment they found, barriers overcome and purposes actualized are genuine.

I hope these parables, while legally modified from specific cases, still spark inspiration and possibility for your own journey ahead!

Here are just a few examples:

Martha Launched Her Consulting Business

Martha felt unfulfilled stuck in academia researching topics that no longer lit her up. Through coaching, she rediscovered her teenage entrepreneurial spirit and passion for empowering women in leadership.

Though lacking business experience, Martha devoted nights/weekends learning marketing strategies and building her website. Bolstered by my accountability and brainstorming, Martha officially registered her consulting firm within 6 months.

She quit her professor job to speak full-time to corporate audiences about unlocking female talent. Now a prominent voice in women’s advancement, Martha grows more confident running her boutique firm daily – just hired her fourth employee!

life purpose coach
Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

Michael Became an Author

Retired insurance professional Michael had an uninspiring side job transporting cargo vans cross-country. He casually mentioned childhood dreams deferring writing historical fiction novels.

I encouraged Michael to spend just 45-60 minutes writing after dinner instead of defaulting to television each night. He dusted off old story ideas and realized how much joy writing brought after decades-long gap!

We created writing milestones fueled by his rediscovered passion as retirement freed newfound time. His consistent practice spiraled into tangible results. Eight months later, at age 67, Michael self-published his first novel to warm reception by niche genre readers!

Inspired, he has three more fully written books awaiting editing for future release between publicity efforts to build readers. Michael beams sharing how my “life-changing coaching sparked a late chapter as an author I’ve always longed to be!”

Jasmine Built Her Coaching Business

A brilliant architect yet office misfit, Jasmine sensed untapped potential as her big bank job bored her as routine technology projects ended. Seeking inspiration, she invested in my life coaching.

Together we recognized Jasmine’s natural gifts for helping colleagues navigate workplace challenges softly leveraged her psychology degree. After surveying vibrant past experiences, Jasmine listed possible business ideas, strategically building towards her “someday” dream of coaching full-time.

I held Jasmine accountable pursuing incremental milestones nights/weekends over 8 months until she attracted steady executive coaching clients through word-of-mouth referrals. Recently Jasmine resigned her firm role, now independently supporting leaders full-time as an ICF credentialed coach!

Imagine what IS possible for you…

FAQs About Life Coaching

How is life coaching different from therapy?

Therapy focuses on understanding how past issues affect present thoughts and behaviors. Life coaching looks forward – setting goals for your ideal future based on untapped talents and dreams.

What results can I expect from working with a life coach?

Clients report increased happiness, energy, confidence, clarity, productivity and sense of meaning. You’ll discover inspiring goals and gain tools to systematically work towards them.

What is the time commitment?

My full program takes 10-12 weeks meeting weekly. But I customize the approach based on your schedule and budget. Some clients prefer short, intense 6 week sprints. Others space out our work over 6-12 months as responsibilities allow. We define what works best upfront.

How can I afford life coaching services?

I offer flexible packages, payment plans and discounted rates. Investing in yourself yields the highest ROI if it unlocks truly living out your purpose!

Ready for Bold Change?

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