Life coach for young adults 18+ (and 20-somethings)

What is a life coach for young adults?

As a life coach for young adults, I deal with people from the age of 18 and up, but oftentimes clients come to me for my services as a life coach for 20-somethings .  True, young adults were once considered people under the age of 25, but I believe that the age range is now more flexible. My service covers both “emerging adulthood” (18-25), as well as anyone up to the age of 30.

Embrace the Journey of Adulthood with a Life Coach for Young Adults

Understanding the Journey of Young Adulthood

The Transition into Independence: The transition into adulthood can be thrilling yet daunting. As a life coach for young adults, I understand the crossroads you stand at—be it choosing a career, forging relationships, or managing personal well-being. Feeling uncertain during this significant life phase is a common experience, signifying the breadth of choices available to you.


The Crucial Role of a Life Coach for Young Adults & 20-somethings


Creating Your Unique Life Map: As a life coach for young adults and 20-somethings, my role is to act as a compass, guiding you through the fog of choices and challenges that characterize young adulthood. Through personalized coaching, we’ll unlock your potential, enhance your strengths, and pave a pathway to personal and professional success.

Common Challenges Faced by Young Adults

Career Direction & Purpose

Identifying Your Passion: Discovering what drives you is the first step towards a fulfilling life and career.

  • Skills for the Future: Explore the skills you already have and are necessary for the future job market.
  • Work-Life Balance: Learning to balance professional aspirations with personal happiness is a skill I help you hone.
  • Decision-making: Wanting to make a difference but unsure where to start.

Relationships & Social Connections

  • Fostering Authentic RelationshipsI assist you in cultivating relationships that are enriching and supportive and help maintain old friendships or make new connections
  • Navigating Social Media: In an age dominated by digital interactions, maintaining a healthy online and offline balance is essential.
  • Boundaries: I help you set boundaries with toxic relationships.

 Financial Independence and Management

Budgeting for Beginners: I offer strategies to manage your finances, fostering independence.

Investing in Your Future: Understanding the basics of saving and investing can set you up for long-term prosperity.


Mental and Emotional Well-being

Coping with Stress and Anxiety:

  • Develop resilience and strategies to manage mental health effectively. 
  • Learn to cope with new stresses like college, jobs, finances. 
  • Deal with anxiety from increased responsibilities and uncertainty about the future
  • Find balance between school, work, relationships and self-care

Building Confidence and Self-esteem : Overcome self-doubt through proven confidence-building techniques. 

  • Battle self-doubt, negative self-talk and perfectionist tendencies.  
  • Recover from failure or rejection and move forward. 
  • Develop grit and bouncing back from hardships and setbacks

Why It’s Normal to Seek Support from a Life Coach for Young Adults

The Power of Perspective: Every individual’s path is unique, and the challenges of young adulthood are a normal part of finding one’s place in the world. Seeking support from a life coach is not only normal but wise—it’s a proactive step towards self-improvement and actualization

How a Life Coach for Young Adults and 20-somethings can be Beneficial

A life coach for young adults and 20-somethings provides a safe, judgement-free space to sort through any issues or challenges. They offer an outside perspective from someone with wisdom and life experience.  A coach empowers you, builds self-confidence, and holds you accountable. Benefits for young adults include:

  • Having a sounding board to verbalize fears and frustrations
  • Getting help breaking big goals down into actionable steps
  • Learning strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Having an advocate who believes in you and pushes you to level up
  • Receiving encouragement to get outside your comfort zone Gaining accountability to follow through on your goals
  • Identifying unhelpful patterns like avoidance or perfectionism
  • Building habits and skills essential for thriving as an adult

Personal Development for a Bright Future

Self-Discovery: We delve into personality types, interests, and values to carve out a personal brand that resonates with who you are and who you wish to become.

Skill Building: From communication skills to time management, we build the competencies you need to thrive.

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence: Understand emotions and learn to navigate your emotional landscape with greater awareness and control.

Interpersonal Skills: Enhance your social skills to build meaningful connections in personal and professional spheres.

Why I Am the Ideal Life Coach for Young Adults & 20-somethings

life coach for young adults and life coach for 20-somethings

A Coach Who Cares: My unique background as a life coach for young adults and 20-somethings combines expertise with genuine care. As a certified life coach with a plethora of coaching certifications and a successful track record in personal development, I bring a wealth of knowledge and personalized attention to each session.

Proven Methods, Real Results: Utilizing positive psychology, CBT, and solution-focused techniques, I’ve crafted coaching programs that have transformed the lives of young adults, steering them toward their desired futures.

I create a safe, judgement-free atmosphere focused on you. You’ll feel comfortable opening up about sensitive struggles, knowing I’ve heard it all before and you won’t be criticized. I’ll challenge you when needed but also fill you with encouragement and support.

My past clients describe me as caring, perceptive, and motivating. I balance warmth with honesty. I won’t let you make excuses or engage in unhelpful patterns. Instead, I’ll cheer you on as you level up into the person you want to become. If you’re ready to stop just surviving and start thriving, contact me today to get started!

Your Journey Begins Here

Take Control of Your Life: With my life coaching services, you’re not just planning for the immediate future; you’re investing in a lifetime of success. Together, we will craft a vision for your life that is as boundless as your potential.

Connect with Me: Reach out today to schedule a comprehensive consultation, and take the first step in the exciting adventure of adulthood with a coach who is committed to your growth and happiness

Your Results

Working with young adults needs careful planning and consideration – these are in fact key elements for a life coach for young adults!

By working together, you are expected to:

  • Discover and overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Find out what you are good at and how to put your skills into good use
  • Improve your confidence
  • Set goals and realistic time frames
  • Get clarity on your future career choices
  • Above all, peel back the many layers of your personality to reveal your true self and be the empowered version of yourself.
*As a life coach for 20-somethings, I can tell you that young adults often claim that they want to find their life purpose. It’s important to remember that life is a continuous process of self-improvement and evaluation and reevaluation of your core values. You cannot expect always to have a single purpose that you will pursue.
life coach for young adults and life coach for 20-somethings