Online Life Coach: Unlock Your Full Potential & Find Your Life Purpose

Online Life Coach for introverts, artists, adults & young adults (18+) and those seeking clarity

Online life coaching is a collaborative process.

Welcome to Coach Constantine, where you'll find the support and guidance needed to become the best version of yourself.

As an experienced online life coach, I help people like you find their true identity and potential, explore their life purpose, overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, experience fulfillment and what we most strive for: emotional freedom!

By providing personalized online coaching services, I aim to deliver the best online coach experience for personal and professional growth. And while I coach a diverse range of individuals, I specialise as a life coach for introverts, a life coach for young adults (18+), a life coach for artists & a business coach for people who want to turn their passion into an online business.

online life coach for introverts, young adults, artists

Online Life Coaching Results

Explore your real identity

Find your life purpose & unleash your potential

Get clarity, set goals, remove roadblocks

Adopt healthy habits

Improve your social relationships

At last, find balance & experience emotional freedom

About me, Coach
Constantine, Online Life Coach,
BA, MSc, PhD(c)

Hello there! As a certified online life coach, I’m passionate about unlocking the extraordinary potential inherent in each of us. At times, life may leave us feeling stuck or confused, but rest assured, you’re not alone, and together, we can find your breakthrough.

My coaching philosophy is anchored in a pragmatic approach, drawing on tried-and-true techniques and evidence-based methods. Yet, I also incorporate an eclectic blend of modalities such as CBT, ACT, and principles from positive psychology. This holistic approach ensures all aspects of your life are considered in your coaching journey and make me an ideal life coach for introverts, young adults, artists and anyone curious to explore their potential.

What does this mean for you? It means that I provide sensible, realistic, and personalized coaching experiences, respecting your unique circumstances. I hold a BA and MSc, and currently pursuing a PhD. As a transformational, solution-focused coach, I help both adults and young adults navigate life’s challenges, develop a resilient mindset, and uncover their life’s purpose.

Through my online/virtual coaching services, I’m committed to helping you overcome obstacles and equip you with the skills needed to flourish. So while I may not use magic wands, I offer the next best thing – a well-rounded coaching experience that prioritizes your success.

online life coach for introverts, young adults, artists

Testimonials from my clients

"He caused me to weigh possible solutions and decide on a path that best fit my goals. I would highly recommend his coaching services."
Marcella S., USA
"Constantine is the perfect Coach for anyone who needs a mentor, a guide or advocate to help them overcome obstacles keeping them stuck or keeping them from progressing."
Wendy B., USA
That’s what I really need from a coach who is there when I really need him and who is willing to go an extra mile for me.
Dilmi, Sri Lanka

1. Online Life Coaching

I help people experience emotional freedom & fulfillment

No matter the target group, as a virtual life coach, I often work with clients on the following topics:



Find your potential & life purpose coaching

  • Explore your skills and talents
  • What were your dreams and ambitions in the past
  • What has come in the way
  • How to feel fulfilled
  • Turn the above into actions and sustain them

Set goals & see the results

  • Realise the importance of your goals as motivators in life
  • Explore goals you can set that will bring you closer to fulfilment
  • Overcome roadblocks
  • Sustain your goals long-term

Get rid of limiting beliefs & embrace a healthy lifestyle

  • Find where your limiting beliefs come from
  • How are they affecting your present
  • Shift your mindset to a healthy one
  • Adopt new habits to experience emotional-freedom

Forgive to feel free

  • Unearth the root of your resentment
  • Heal internally by learning to forgive
  • Release past burdens for a clearer present
  • Attain emotional freedom and tranquility

Boost your confidence:

  • Identify and conquer your personal obstacles
  • Unlock your potential and inner strength
  • Rekindle and embrace your innate confidence
  • Stand tall and assertive in your interactions

Elevate your solo business or freelance work

  • Make strategic decisions with confidence
  • Broaden your vision and set achievable goals
  • Master digital tools to streamline your operations
  • Expand your influence through social media and networking
  • Secure a thriving and sustainable future for your business

Bring your book to life

  • Ignite your inspiration and set the writing mood
  • Craft a detailed and actionable plan for your book
  • Get comfortable with creative tools and platforms
  • Build a community of eager beta readers
  • Create a book cover that captivates readers
  • Learn the secrets of bestseller authors
  • Maintain a steady book sales momentum after launch

2. Combined services
(Life coaching + Business coaching):

I help people turn their passion into a successful online business​

How you can combine my life coaching services to find your life purpose, unlock your potential and convert this into a successful online business.


online life coach for introverts, young adults, artists

The areas indicated by a green box are life coaching fields in which I am actually certified.

The areas marked by a blue box are ones where I have proven experience:

  • I am certified business coach.
  • I managed to escape the typical 9-5 job as a teacher to start my own online tutoring business, which doubled my income.
  • I have worked into publishing and I am the author of an internationally best-selling book on Amazon.
  • As a certified personal productivity coach, I can guide you on how to utilize digital apps and AI to simplify your life & business.

Experience the best online coaching services

Some of my past clients have been…


ANYONE looking for clarity & guidance in life!

Professionals looking for clarity, goal setting and balancing work and personal life issues.


Young Adults

Graduating from uni was not enough. I started my personal development journey around that time.

People who want to write a book

I’m an international best-selling author and have worked in publishing,

People in the arts​

Google my Arts magazine: The High Arts Review​


I made my biggest transition in my 40s!

Fellow life coaches launching their business​

Having attended countless business coaching masterclasses & been through the process, I am the right person to offer assistance.

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Offering high quality virtual coaching to make sure my clients get the best life coaching services.

“Constantine did a great job coaching me using the NLP methodology. He was kind, genuine, passionate, and driven. He helped me make a decision that I had a hard time making. He caused me to weigh possible solutions and decide on a path that best fit my goals. I would highly recommend his coaching services.”

Marcella S.

“I went to Constantine with a personal attribute issue that was very important to me. The only time I had dared share it, another coach laughed it off as no big deal which caused me internal pain. This was a big deal to me! Since then, I hadn’t felt comfortable sharing it with any other person, especially in a coaching situation.

Thanks to him and that session, I feel the issue is a non-issue now, or at least fast becoming a non-issue with the skills I’ve learned in dealing with it.

Constantine is the perfect Coach for anyone who needs a mentor, a guide or advocate to help them overcome obstacles keeping them stuck or keeping them from progressing. 

He is understanding, knowledgeable with plenty of life experience from which to draw upon, dedicated to helping his client achieve their goals, capable and competent in the skills he has worked to learn, is able to discern his clients moods and feelings, and he is so kind, warm, and compassionate! 

Thank you, Constantine!”

Wendy B.
Identity & Empowerment Coach

Hello Constantine,

I am grateful for the support you’ve given me throughout and just wanted to share this with you. 

Business coaching that I did with you truly helped me to bridge the gap between me and the client. In the beginning I was little lost as I didn’t know what to do in order to make aware of my coaching. Once I enrolled in with you and started Fb ads soon I started attracting more new clients. Plus I received the clarity as what I need to do next in my coaching.

You were very patient with me and also very generous with the time sometimes giving me more than one hour which I really appreciate. That’s what I really need from a coach who is there when I really need him and who is willing to go an extra mile for me. You were quite resourceful and gave me suggestions as how I can go about creating the course. 

Which was quite motivating me to initiate with the course. Also the adjustments we have done in the website as well as how to set up mail campaigns open up whole new possibilities in my coaching.

Thanks again for the support Konstantine. I am very grateful. I feel blessed to have met you in the right time when I really required your support. 😊


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