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Life Coach
Transformational Coach
Solution-Focused Coach
Positive Psychology Coach

About me

I help my clients live fulfilling lives by realizing their full potential and becoming their higher selves.

I help people experience fulfillment

Eliminate roadblocks
Overcome limiting beliefs
Trust yourself & be confident
Explore your potential & set goals
Experience fulfillment

With years of experience in coaching and certified in different areas, I take an eclectic approach: this means a combination of tools and methods to help you get unstuck.

I coach because I want to help people feel fulfilled and, most importantly, be as free as possible from limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, thinking patterns, and the influence of others.

I use my method of Intrapersonal Systemic Transformation (IST): A combination of different modalities that I choose to work with according to the client and what they feel comfortable with. Some of these modalities are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy coaching (CBT), ACT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Socratic questioning, Life-purpose coaching, Transformational coaching, and Solution-Focused Coaching.

My Services

Coach Sapience
(for all)​

Visit Coach Sapience for my life coaching, life purpose coaching, and transformational coaching services. This also includes my Book Writing Coaching services (from my experience as a best selling author and self-publishing expert).​

The University Student Coach
(for students 18+)

Visit the University Student Coach if you are a college or university student.