Forgiveness Coach

What is a forgiveness coach?

As a forgiveness coach, I can tell you that usually, people who sign up to be coached for forgiveness by me frequently believe that we will do a mediation in which we will forgive others in our lives or that they will simply verbally express their forgiveness through me. Let me tell you right now that this is not the case at all.

In reality, forgiveness coaching is a deep coaching experience that requires at least 8 sessions (with a recommendation for 10 sessions based on the case). This is more of a journey of deep self-discovery than a simple, “OK, let’s forgive X and Y and be done with it!”

My method entails beginning with the people you feel you need to forgive, then looking at different stories and exploring your beliefs, among other things. It is a journey in which you learn to connect with your inner true self rather than focusing on the differences between you and others.

You can learn more about the benefits of forgiveness here.

Your Results

As stated above for optimal results 8-10 sessions are recommended for forgiveness coaching.

By the end of our session cycle you are expected to have shifted your mindset in order to:

  • Stop criticizing and judging people
  • Stop making comparisons
  • Gain more confidence and stop asking the opinion of others
  • Stop your interest in gossip or things that keep you away from your goals
  • Focus on your self-development
  • Appreciate your uniqueness and potential
  • At last live life as a free person
  • Now it’s your turn to experience fulfilment and find a new meaning in life! Embrace this moment!
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